Different Skin Types And Their Facial Treatments

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Everyone is different, so is our skin. Thus, the care for every skin is different. So many products are there in the market, but without knowing which type of skin you have, you cannot try any product. Several techniques are used to determine the nature of your skin.

The quality of your skin is determined by the sebaceous gland’s sensitivity, hydration, and secretion level. Though largely dependent upon the genes, your skin type can also change over time because of the kind of food you consume, the atmosphere you live in, and the exposure to the sun.

Types Of Skin

There are five types of skin.

  1. Oily Skin: 

    Every skin secret oil to keep it moisturized throughout the day, but more oil is needed for those with oily skin. You can feel a thin layer of oil all the time. It’s because they may have large pores in their skin.

  2. Dry Skin:

    Dry skin is generally dull. You need to apply moisturizer even on hot summer days. Dry skin tends to have dead skin cells layer on it thus doesn’t reflect light uniformly. You need to keep your skin hydrated to look more radiant throughout the day.

  3. Sensitive Skin:

    They are generally inclined to get inflammation frequently. Itchy rash is widespread for them in summer. It is observed that this kind of skin is prone to burning also. Delicate care is needed before applying any beauty product.

  4. Combination Skin:

    There is no explicit parameter on judging the combination skin. This kind of skin gets oily in summer and dry in winter, showing both types of skin characteristics.

  5. Normal Skin:

    Now, defining normal skin will be tough because what is expected is not known to anyone as our skin type changes from time to time. But vaguely, you can say normal skin is a type of skin that tolerates almost all weather without showing many problems.

Benefits of Facial

Whether you are a working person or not, a day in a month should be kept for the salon and a particular time for your skin every day. If not, make it a part of your regime. Once a month, you should do at least a facial so that your skin looks healthy and glows. The benefits of facial are:-

  • Your skin will be clean, and it promotes new cell growth also.
  • It removes any toxic element along with dead skin cells. If you are systematic about your facial routine, it will reduce premature aging and wrinkles.
  • Facial detoxifies the skin and removes any acne-provoking element, so if you have oily skin, it will reduce the possibility of acne.
  • It exfoliates the skin and opens up clogged pores, so the natural process of cleansing becomes easy.

Facial removes blackheads and whiteheads.

Types Of Suitable Facial Based On Skin Type

Now, as you know why you should do a facial, let’s discuss what kind of facial you need to do according to your skin type.

  1. Chemical Peel:

    This facial is done by a chemical solution. It is kept for some time into the skin and then peeled off. It exfoliates the skin and removes any dirt from the inside. It is generally preferred for oily skins, as it removes excess oil from your face.

  2. Dermaplaning:

    Ideal for dry skin, this facial is another kind of exfoliation that removes the dead skin cells from the skin surface, giving you a smooth complexion.

  3. Microdermabrasion:

    It is an organic facial used to remove dead skin cells.

  4. Acne Facials:

    Perfect for the oily skin ones who suffer from repeated blackheads. It makes the skin healthy. Moisturizer is applied according to your skin tone, and it leaves the skin supple and charming.

  5. Ageless Facial:

    It is ideal for dry skins mainly as it will boost the collagen of your skin and make you look youthful.


Even if your skin is healthy and perfect, doing a facial once in a while will make your skin healthier. Of course, it depends on the ability of the beautician, but if you follow any famous brand, your facial routine is good to go.

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