Basic Jiu-Jitsu Steps to Master

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Learning a new skill is intimidating. However, understanding some contemporary martial arts like Jiu Jitsu might be an entirely different matter. Every tactic is an additional skill that needs proper attention and a good deal of practice!

Fortunately, there are a few different basic techniques that people use as a starting point. Moreover, other tactics help these various maneuvers. White belts must be slow, and you must work hard to build a proper foundation!

Warming Up

The start of your fighting journey will be something other than a real tactic you can use on a resisting fighting partner. You don’t need to use a compliant partner. By learning and knowing the mechanics of Jiu-Jitsu, you can make your body adapt to different movements when you pick up other sports demands.

Many of these movements will be the same as other submission techniques. By learning these tactics first, you will have a proper understanding of these different techniques to understand the Buggy Choke tactic later.


It is likely the first primary Jiu-Jitsu tactic you can learn. The movement is an excellent warm-up exercise that lets you become a tremendous foundational escape tactic.

The shrimp is also carried out lying by your back or side. When you start the shrimp tactic, you are trying to get out of reach of your opponent’s control.

Put one foot on the mat and put the foot on a different side to press out towards, and the two also depend on the situation.

Once you put your foot correctly, press your body on the mat to shoot your backside away from the opponent. At the same time, you have to frame and push your opponent out with your arms.

Repeat the movement on the mat until there is enough space for the opponent to recompose.

Sit Ups

The whole motion of triangle sit-ups is also simple but a simple important lesson. The warm-up will also occur when you reach out from the back. With every rep, you must hoist your hips and create a figure four or a triangle with your legs.

The warm-up also teaches you hip elevation and good foundations to learn a proper triangle choke technique.

Guard Retention

There are different variations to use retention drills. Use a simple and effective method to let your partner try to circle you. As they move away, try to connect to their body with your feet.

Move along with each other, and ensure you can determine the pace properly. Be comfortable with the rate, increasing speed, and intensity.


It is among the best versatile submission tactics people use in Jiu-Jitsu. It is not just the ease of using the tactic; once you apply it, you can also use it as another anchor point to follow the opponent no matter where they want to move.

The tactic is performed when you are closely guarding. You can down-isolate the other person’s arms by grabbing their wrists from the side of the hand and moving upwards for more elevation.


Now that you know everything about Jiu-Jitsu techniques, it is time to start learning them today!

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